Pickup Accessories

At IDS Coachworks we also specialise in the fitting of many different accessories for all makes and models of pick up trucks

Hardtop fittings are a very popular option. These help provide a more sleek look to the vehicle along with helping fuel economy by making the vehicle more aerodynamic. All hardtops come colour coded to match the colour of the vehicle

We also fit manual & electric roller tops which provide a nice cover to the load area while keeping the look of the pick up truck & giving extra security for items in the load area

EGR Electric roller top in action. Very simple to use and gives the vehicle a more finished looked

Other Accessories include the likes of bedrug liners which provide a strong protection to the load bed but a soft fabric for leaning on when getting in and out of the rear of the load area. These come in a universal fit or a tailormade fit for your vehicle like shown

Drawer systems can also be fitted which gives more secure storage for items which are easily accessible with drawers that fully slide out